Memver Reviews

KC, Fontana WI

“Fresh Salad Club delivers creative and fresh goodness to our doorstep twice a week. Laura’s homemade dressings and unique protein and produce pairings surprise us every time. She bends over backwards to accommodate not only our personal preferences but also our travel schedules. We feel privileged to have this healthy and delicious dinner delivered to our front door and only wish we could have it 5 days a week!”

GBB, Chicago IL

“I’ve been receiving Fresh Salad Club salads twice a week and couldn’t be happier. The salads are some of the best entree salads I’ve ever had. Fresh ingredients, great flavors and super filling! I usually eat them the day they are delivered for dinner, which is so convenient after a long day, but have occasionally taken them to work the next day or event day after for lunch and they still taste really fresh. The best part is, for someone who orders out a lot, this is less expensive than having something delivered and so much better and healthier!”

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